Humanitarian aid to The Gambia

A three-pronged aid programme!

The first prong: humanitarian aid to the people of The Gambia
The second prong: making young people aware of the need for aid in sub-Saharan Africa
The third prong: getting young people of all races to work together on a humanitarian project

In reality there is a “fourth prong” as well, as every year the project is supported by volunteers who lend their assistance to this humanitarian project and who pay their own travel and accommodation expenses.
It is worth pointing out that the participating students and the teachers accompanying them are not expected to contribute a thing to their expenses. These are covered from the gifts received by the organization and the proceeds of fund-raising activities.
Any grants from official bodies are devoted entirely to the acquisition and transport of the necessary equipment.

See the time line.

Steen is recognized as a 4de Pijler organisation by the Flemish Development Cooperation and became an accreditation as EVS – European Voluntary Service (Youth in Action) by the European Commission.

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With the support of:
King Baudouin Foundation, Development Cooperation – City of Antwerpen, North-South Policy – Province of Antwerpen, GROS Schoten, GROS Schilde, GROS Brasschaat, Doe het Goede vzw (Fais le bien pour l’amour du bien lui-même asbl), Inner Wheel 217, Vrijzinnig Antwerpen, KA Schoten-Schilde, UZ Brussel – campus Jette, Cosmos Laboratory Equipment bvba, JINT vzw, ATBS Korfbal, Digitron NV, Ariadne vzw, H.O.O.P. vzw/npo, organisation S. Alleyn
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

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