About Us

Our mission
Steen (Stone) is an independent non-profit organization (Belgian vzw-asbl) that strives for greater justice in the world by its commitment to social action.

Steen’s critical and free-thinking world view is underpinned by free speech and tolerance.

Its commitment to social action is expressed in its operational work, which places the emphasis on social solidarity.

Established in 2007, Steen vzw began its humanitarian operations in 2008, with modest assistance to the Sukuta Health Center in The Gambia (a gift of medical equipment). Following this, a three-year project was launched in 2009. Every year a team of high school students, accompanied by teachers and volunteers, travelled to The Gambia to work on the project. Together with students from a local technical school, renovation and reconstruction work was carried out with a view to improving conditions for both the patients and nursing staff of the health centre. In 2011 these activities were extended to include the Sukuta Lower Basic School.

Steen vzw does not limit itself to projects in the developing world. Every year, we prepare a meals for 500 to 600 homeless persons in association “Daklozenhulp Antwerpen – Dakant” vzw. We also organize Happy Stone Day, a special day for underprivileged children from Antwerp’s primary schools. These initiatives are funded internally (no subsidies), while the work involved is carried out by our members and other volunteers.
Every year our board decide on which initiatives will receive our support in the coming year.

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